Team Conflict Resolution

Resolve team conflict in open, healthy and productive ways


Recent workplace studies have shown that approximately 40% of a manager’s time can be spent dealing with some type of workplace or interpersonal conflict.

  • The costs of lost productivity for the manager is significant; and moreover, how well the manager deals with certain situations where there is conflict could have enormous costs to the organization in terms of leadership turn-over, employee turn-over, delayed projects due to inter-team conflict, employee complaints, potential litigation, and more.
  • Also, it is important for managers to navigate certain situations where there is conflict and avoid having that situation turn into a career ending conflict.

InnerWork offers two services related to managing and resolving team conflict.

Team Conflict Resolution Services

InnerWork’s Team Conflict Resolution services provide an experienced conflict resolution and mediation coach to help you and your leaders navigate a difficult situation where there is interpersonal or team-based conflict. Our experienced coaches provide:

  • Practical approaches to resolve personal and business conflict
  • Professional and confidential mediation for two or more individuals in dispute
  • Facilitated and mediated participation in the resolution of conflict or disputes to empower and build trust in the workplace
  • A “sounding board” for executives, managers, and team members who do no “feel heard” to express their concerns or grievances
  • Professional coaching to promote healing in the individuals involved, and their ability to work with others

Management Coaching for Conflict Prevention 

InnerWork also provides coaching and training to managers in how to prevent team conflict; and also, how to deal with team conflict productively if it does occur. Your InnerWork coach will provide your executives, managers, supervisors and others specific training and coaching so that they will develop:

  • New insights on conflict resolution from a personal and professional level
  • Strategies to overcome barriers to effective listening & communication in conflictual situations
  • New skills to resolve conflict in creative, productive and conciliatory ways
  • Alternative ways to approach disputes and the confidence to consider a wide variety of options to help resolve them
  • New communication skills that lead to productive behaviors and those eliciting counterproductive behaviors
  • Methods to identify conflict before it starts
  • The ability to coach and teach their staff on the benefits of timely and effective conflict resolution
  • Alternative strategies to Progressive Discipline
  • Preparation strategies to engage in challenging and difficult conversations with employees

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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