Leadership Conferences

Expert leadership conference design & facilitation for your top leaders.


Your leaders deserve a highly effective, interactive leadership conference that will strengthen their bonds, and also catalyze positive organizational change. With InnerWork, your leadership conference will accomplish all of that, and more.

Our Approach

Since 1990, InnerWork senior consultants and facilitators have helped organizations of all sizes and industries craft highly interactive leadership conferences that focus on their most important objectives.

  • InnerWork has also helped leaders in their conferences engage three powerful levels of integral change: organizational change, leadership team change, and personal leadership change from the “inside out”.

Key Goals and Conference Content

It all starts with your goals and your content. Our senior facilitators work with your conference organizers and your key leader(s) to outline the most important business goals, group interaction goals, and key content for the conference.

  • Early on, our facilitators also guide your leaders away from falling back on traditional, ineffective meeting formats and media that bore participants, decrease interaction, and harm group engagement.

Needs Assessment

Successful leadership conferences always begin with a thorough needs assessment.

  • Through small leadership team focus groups, and one-on-one executive interviews, our senior facilitators help surface and prioritize the most important issues and topics that  form the basis for a powerful leadership conference agenda design.
  • If appropriate, summary data from the needs assessment phase is shared back to the attendees, and your senior leaders can engage the attendees with some pre-conference reflection and preparation exercises.

Leadership Conference Agenda Design

Based on the needs, your senior InnerWork facilitator engages in creative agenda design, where each section of your agenda is carefully developed to meet your objectives.

  • InnerWork facilitators have many interactive conference facilitation methodologies to engage your attendees in the conference content.
  • Additionally, InnerWork facilitators can often draw from a broad range of proven interactive programs and methodologies from InnerWork’s leadership development, team development, and organizational change programs and services.
  • Additionally, in the design phase, post-conference outcomes and results are imagined, and specific exercises are structured to engage “all the right people in the room.”
  • This ensures that your leaders’ passion and responsibility is directed into positive dialogue and solution-oriented action that can be leveraged for post conference follow-up.

Leadership Conference Facilitation

With expert InnerWork facilitators, the experience of your attendees may be unlike anything they have ever experienced in their past leadership conferences.

  • Expect high levels of team-based engagement; deep learning and personal insights from each of your leaders on how they personally need to change; and focused dialogue & action planning on your key opportunities for positive organizational change and employee engagement.
  • Your participants realize that each element of the agenda design has been targeted to issues that they themselves have said “matter most”—and now they are empowered to “buy-in” and change it!
  • Your attendees will be excited for “next steps”. Conference summaries and documentation will capture their large and small group work for immediate action.
  • Your leaders may choose to implement action teams to follow-up on the conference outcomes, and engage many other people on an enterprise-wide basis.

Post Conference Engagement

Leadership teams can make amazing change happen after an effective leadership conference, and produce a high degree of ROI and ROO (return-on-objectives) if they choose too.

  • InnerWork senior facilitators are experienced organizational change management practitioners, and can guide and support your leaders with post-conference consulting and facilitation to make positive change happen.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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