The Integral Change Approach

Create positive change by developing people, teams, & the organization


Experienced organizational leaders intuitively know that there are three integral levels of change that are required for exceptional organizational results.

  • InnerWork Integral Change approach utilizes a range of programs & services to assist leaders and teams create positive integral change in all three levels: the organization, the team, and the individual.

The Organization & Organizational Change

While the components of organizational systems are indeed complex, often there are needs for change and improvement in key aspects of the “organization as a system”.

  • Examples of needed change in organizations abound, but a robust organizational assessment will uncover these key leverage areas for change and improvement.
  • Then, the challenge becomes: how do we engage the leadership team and engage the employees to drive useful change in these critical areas,  knowing that the “organization as a system” will improve and evolve to a higher performing organizational system?

The Team & Team Change

Organizations are made up of various organizational units (i.e., divisions, functions, sub-teams within a function) and people in these units perform roles, responsibilities and work processes that often cut across these units to deliver a solution or product to a customer.

  • Thus, the quality & effectiveness of your team members’ communication, collaboration and trust is critically important. Their relationships and the ability to work together matter significantly.
  • Therefore, positively changing your team member relationships, and their communication, collaboration, and trust levels are essential for task and process execution.

Team Development with Organizational Applications

  • Building high performance teamwork and stronger competencies for emotional and social intelligence can dramatically increase team awareness & performance, so that your work processes and the key organizational areas for change & improvement you identified can be transformed to a higher level of functioning.
  • When an integral change intervention builds increased teamwork & collaboration and focuses that intervention on the key change areas, then your desired organizational changes are created by the team members themselves, which builds their confidence and capacity to handle more change.
  • But who makes up the team? Who is the organization?

The Self & Self Change

You are the organization. Each individual person has an extraordinary capacity to make a difference & make a contribution to how well your organization functions and how well their social, team-based relationships function to get the work done.

  • Yet, in organizational change efforts and team development efforts, the self change is by far the most overlooked area to create positive organizational change.

The Development of the Whole Person

InnerWork’s view is that individuals are “whole people” made up of at least five levels of performance: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational.

  • For instance, it is vital to develop our mental and emotional capacities so that we can become aware of and manage our inner mental and emotional states that create our outer behavior.
  • And we must also become aware of our personal deep, limiting ego-based patterns of negative thoughts, emotions and behavior that can break high performance teamwork and the quality of relationships that are needed to drive positive organizational change and results.

The One Change that Rules All Other Change

The integral change perspective suggests we need to take 100% personal responsibility to “develop our leader within”, and “change from the inside-out” by reducing and eliminating these limiting ego-based patterns and shifting to higher performing attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

  • Yes, the one change that rules other changes is to transform our mind and emotions to highly effective inner states that will produce highly effective outer behavior and results, and generate positive team relationships.
  • The wisdom of this deep, integral change approach is demonstrated when our own self-change accelerates positive team change, and when we (as a team) can do what we need to do to drive the positive organizational change that is required.

Integral Simultaneous Change

This type of integral change is a process, but it does not have to take a long time. Over thirty years of practical, results-based implementations with some of the world’s leading organizations have proven the value of this innovative integral approach.

  • When you change all three levels at the same time in your organizational change effort, you will see authentic and effective organizational change happen in the key areas you identified in your assessment.
  • When you engage InnerWork, you will experience that your positive organizational change process was created by your teams made up of individuals who have committed to new levels of personal and team change through their guided integral change process.
  • Thus, this type of integral change is sustainable because it is authentic, real-world “whole system / whole person” change, and not the “program of the month”.

Client Testimonial

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