Building Senior Leadership Teams

Build new levels of trust, communication & collaboration in your top teams


When it comes to developing your senior leadership teams, it is important that you have a professional-grade process and very capable senior facilitators that can engage them effectively.

  • InnerWork’s Building Senior Leadership Teams programs (and leadership team development projects) provide a highly effective, customized leadership team development process that focuses on three levels of integral change (Business Change, Team Change, and Self Change) and uses real work scenarios and priorities as the core of the leadership team development process.

Building Senior Leadership Teams gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Become better aligned
  • Dialogue, prioritize, and sharpen their focus on “the right things”
  • Develop more optimal communication patterns and teamwork skills
  • Build higher levels of trust
  • Meet joint challenges and develop action plans that accelerate positive execution on key priorities in the business and the engagement of employees

Each Building Senior Leadership Teams program (or project) is custom designed for the issues and group dynamics of your senior leadership team. The program is designed collaboratively with your key leader(s), and led by an InnerWork senior facilitator. The process or project usually:

  • Starts with a needs assessment and design phase
  • Can utilize individualized leadership assessments and leadership coaching for specific leaders
  • Can utilize a baseline team assessment on key indicators of individual leadership and team performance
  • Identifies a small number of critical “change focus areas” that will be addressed through the program experience
  • Develops more effective communication patterns and uncovers potential sources of misalignment and conflict that could be impacting achieving the overall organizational goals
  • Involves a strong orientation to developing the next levels of management and/or engaging employees in a process of leading positive change

Each Building Senior Leadership Teams program features highly interactive methods and exercises that have been developed & tested by InnerWork for nearly thirty years in a variety of organizational settings, so you can be assured of high program quality for your senior leaders.

  • These interactive, engaging methods help leadership team members explore key areas for self-change and team change, and allow the leadership team to bring more focus and energy on the key areas of business change that are important for employees and the growth of the organization.

We’ve used this consultative leadership team development process for teams in major Fortune 500 clients, as well as hundreds of for-profit and non-profit firms of all sizes.

Your senior leadership team will directly experience new levels of individual change and insight, and new levels of high performance teamwork focused on your key results.

  • Also, our Building Senior Leadership team program (or a more sustained leadership team development project) will produce significant ROI and ROO (return-on-objectives).
  • This ROI / ROO is achieved by your leadership team identifying and planning specific follow-up actions for positive change during their leadership team development experience that they will take back to your organization and implement.

Consult with a senior InnerWork facilitator today on the development needs of your leadership team. We may have many excellent ideas and approaches for the unique needs of your leadership team, and how you can put positive change into action with them.

Program Details

Audience Size

10 – 50


Varies based on needs

Participant Profile

  • Senior level / executive leadership teams
  • Divisional or functional leadership teams
  • Global / multiple subsidiary or regional leadership teams
  • Senior level leadership teams, as well as their extended next level of leaders
  • Merger / acquisition leadership teams needing immediate alignment
  • Joint Venture leadership teams
  • Professional firms – partner leadership teams
  • Board of Directors teams

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • Good program design begins with a pre-program needs assessment
  • Program design is more powerful when it is “integral”, and addresses necessary self-change and team change in the leaders, and is tied into important business or organizational change objectives
  • Program length varies; but highly effective leadership programs and retreats are usually 1.5 to 2 days
  • Building Senior Leadership Teams programming can occur in a format of a leadership retreat or leadership conference
  • Interactive leadership team development programming can be integrated into an existing conference or retreat agenda

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!


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