Team Building Retreats

Go beyond just the “fun & games” and actually build high performance teamwork.

Corporate Group Team Building Retreat


Team Building Retreats can be powerful, interactive team experiences (and you don’t have to settle for the usual “fun and games” offered by most team building vendors).

InnerWork Team Building Retreats are custom-designed by expert senior facilitators who are experienced in organizational change and team development, and understand “best practices” for team building retreats that could include elements like:

  • Needs Assessment: your team’s needs matter to us, and we use innovative interview discovery processes to find out your needs at the individual, team, and organizational level, and design retreats based on that.
  • Team Assessments: your team can gain insight on areas for change during the retreat by taking an online Team Assessment to measure team performance on indicators like team trust, accountability, support, honesty, feedback, problem-solving, empathy, optimism, and more. Our assessments also capture qualitative feedback.
  • Leadership Assessments: for leadership teams, you can do powerful Leadership Assessments for increased self-awareness and change, and prepare each leader for their retreat team-building process.
  • Personal Assessments: team members can gain insight into aspects of their personality and work styles by taking industry leading personal assessments and explore their patterns and work styles with their team during the retreat.
  • Team Training: Depending on your needs, InnerWork can blend highly interactive team building experiences with our High Performance Team training. This research-based team training can be integrated into your team building retreat to build teamwork & communication skills.
  • Self Development Training: effective teams are always based on individuals who learn to perform more effectively. Our Developing the Leader Within training is an innovative self-change module that catalyzes personal “inside out” change, and can be designed into your team retreat.
  • Team Agreements & Team Charters: InnerWork facilitators can guide your team to agree on new specific team behaviors, guidelines and values that they want to hold themselves accountable that will make their team excel. Teams tend to “own” what they create – and follow through on their new agreements.
  • Break Out Teams: team building retreats are perfect for custom-designed “key issue / opportunity” Break-Out Team exercises, where small teams produce powerful ideas, recommendations, and “take-away” action plans for positive change after the retreat is over.
  • Interactive Facilitation Methods:  InnerWork facilitators have an array of powerful, “best practices” group facilitation methods that can be used to facilitate amazing results-based outcomes in your team.

Your Team Building Retreat can be tremendous FUN with InnerWork. However, today’s team leaders also want substantive, meaningful and engaging team building retreats that improve communication, collaboration and trust to create positive team change – and contribute to creating real results in the organization.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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