Change Interventions

Respond to complex change challenges by accessing the power of your people.


As an organizational leader, you may recognize that your people hold the key to making successful change happen. After all, who else has the most accurate knowledge, skills, and ideas to help you identify and make the most important changes happen to get the results you need?

  • Savvy leaders and leadership teams today know that tapping the collective intelligence and commitment of their people could make all the difference.
  • As a leader then, your first challenge may be: what are the most effective ways to get our people fully involved and engaged in owning and making the right changes happen?

Change Management by Convening the Right People

Leaders and leadership teams don’t have to “go it alone” these days. InnerWork senior change management practitioners are expert at designing and facilitating a variety of Change Interventions that use proven, interactive change management and group involvement methodologies that have helped leaders and teams like yours to:

  • Respond to significant internal or externally-driven change by engaging the key “stakeholders” in high levels of participation, information sharing, dialogue, and shared decision-making to make commitments to positive action.
  • Create a shared future vision and strategic action plans to make that future a reality.
  • Resolve complex, problematic issues by guiding people into positive productive problem-solving and solution-oriented communication & agreements.
  • Foster high levels of engagement, participation-based decision-making & action planning on a key issue or opportunity that has high priority impact.
  • Redesign & refine how working relationships and organizational roles should work during re-organizations; or boosting the performance of a key work process with role redesign.
  • Improve or streamline how to do key operational processes, procedures, or policies by engaging the stakeholders who work in these processes.
  • Set organizational (or divisional / departmental) direction and goals / KPI’s in interactive ways that leverage employee buy-in and commitment.
  • Implement “rapid results” organizational change using action teams with senior leader acting as “coaches” and sponsors; and much more.

Lead Change in Time Efficient Ways

Interactive formats for our customized Change Interventions will vary based on your needs and objectives.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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