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Build your leadership team through a powerful leadership team retreat.

InnerWork Leadership Retreats


Today’s leadership teams need time away together to build stronger relationships and focus on important leadership team dynamics, as well as key issues & opportunities for positive change.

  • Since 1990, InnerWork senior facilitators have been designing and conducting powerful leadership team retreats for leader teams just like yours.
  • Our senior facilitators have conducted hundreds of leadership retreats in North America, and globally, and it is one of InnerWork’s signature strengths as a firm.

Our Leadership Retreats are always customized to the needs of your team, and usually, follow a three – four step process to achieve the remarkable outcomes that your leadership should expect when they gather for an important retreat.

Step One - Assessment

Team Assessment

  • The design and execution of great leadership team retreats begin by focusing on real needs. Through one-on-one interviews and/or leader team Focus Groups, we will support you to identify and prioritize your team’s key needs.

Leadership Assessment

  • Effective leadership teams require highly effective, self-aware individual leaders. As a leadership team retreat preparation option, each of your leaders can receive a powerful online Leadership Assessment, and receive confidential 360 Feedback Report that is debriefed privately with each leader.
  • At the retreat, each leader can share a summary of their insights and their action plan for change, and get their colleagues support. They can “own” the changes they need to make.

Step Two - Design

Multiple Programs

  • Based on your identified needs, your senior InnerWork facilitator will expertly shape your agenda with multiple programs and selected exercises that could include elements from building High Performance Teams, increasing your team’s Emotional Intelligence, developing each person’s Leader Within, how to Lead Change, and much more.
  • Your design could include also creative interactive facilitation options based on your needs

Interactive Team Challenges & Simulations

  • Your leadership team retreat agenda could include selected interactive team building exercises that are tremendously fun, and will lead to insights on improving how your team can function in more optimal ways.

Professional Renewal / Executive Health

  • Stress management & work-life balance are real concerns today for leaders. Your retreat agenda could include “whole person” elements like early morning outdoor team hikes, followed by indoor sports stretching, and mindfulness meditation /stress reduction exercises.
  • Your retreat menus could be designed to be “healthy”, and use “spa-like” cuisine.
  • Because work-related stress is such a big issue today for leaders, InnerWork has designed many leadership retreats that have been used to kick-off executive health change challenges that have used digital health tools like physical activity trackers & team-based “healthy competitions” for leaders.

Customized Break-Out Exercises on Key Issues / Opportunities

Your needs assessment may surface several key issues / opportunities for positive organizational change.

  • Your InnerWork senior facilitator could design powerful team dialogue exercises for your agenda to help Break-Out Teams create solutions and action plans for full-on engagement after the retreat.
  • InnerWork facilitators have seen multi-million dollar results and radical levels of organizational change come from such retreat exercises, when “all the right leaders are in the room” and commit to action.

Step Three - Facilitation

  • Your senior InnerWork facilitator will expertly guide your team through your customized interactive agenda which will be highly relevant and targeted to your team’s needs for self-change, team change, and organizational change.
  • Your team members will be amazed and impacted by the depth of their experiences, and their full engagement on “what matters most”. Team bonds and trust will be deepened.
  • Retreat formats can be one day; two days; or multiple days.

Step Four - Follow Up & Sustainment

Action Implementation / Action Teams

  • Depending on your design and the outcomes planned for your retreat, your leaders can take the decisions and plans that were agreed to at the retreat, and take action for positive change.
  • InnerWork facilitators often follow up and help leaders launch valuable action, or build action teams. Here is where your retreat investment generates significant ROI and ROO (return-on-objectives) because people are committed.

Leadership Coaching

  • Individual leaders may wish to retain a Leadership Coach after their Leadership Assessment shows them a need for deeper change. InnerWork senior Coaches have provided Leadership Coaching to the top leaders of a team, or in some cases, the entire leadership team.

Sustaining Leadership Team Development

  • Leadership teams often benefit with sustaining their leadership team development process over a series of quarters.
  • InnerWork senior facilitators have significant senior level & C-Level suite experience to design and implement a customized leadership team development process that is integrally tied into engagement around the organization’s key goals & initiatives.

You want the best experience possible for your top leaders and managers from their leadership team retreat. InnerWork senior facilitators can help you create and implement an extraordinary leadership team retreat for your leadership team.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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