Sing the Music

Great expressive creative FUN using the medium of music to build teamwork


Sometimes your team just needs to let their creativity rip! In this unique team building event, your group is challenged to use the power of music and song to demonstrate effective teamwork, collaboration, trust – and HUGE TEAM FUN!

  • And what’s more, it’s a wild team-based competition of your group’s expressive talents and risk-taking.

Sing the Music challenges your group to break into small teams, and do something they have never done before: create original lyrics to songs (from selected musical genres), and sing them in a live, “winner-take-all contest”.

  • And your teams can’t just sing any old ditty. No way. One of the unique aspects of this event is that each team must tie their original lyrics into the opportunities and issues they face in everyday work life, and bring forth their talents for light-hearted fun, camaraderie, humor, irony, and wit as they render their “real work life” situations through the medium of artistic performance.

The program kicks off with a professional band and an InnerWork lead singer / master of ceremonies who will frame the creativity guidelines for the team contest, and give the teams examples and sample tunes / riffs from the musical genre they will be challenged to work in (see musical genre options below).

  • As the teams brainstorm and craft their lyrics, the band musicians will circulate their instruments and practice jamming with the teams as they work out their song and stage act under a time pressure. Yes, this creative team show must go on!

When the teams take to the contest stage, they are backed by the band, and WOW – the live display of this pure peer-based entertainment will be priceless. Expect some amazing, hilarious, and surprising results when your teams engage their creative challenge – and do whatever it takes to WIN BIG.

  • Deciding First place and the runners-up may be a very tough decision!

Pick Your Genre

The following genres and frameworks have been popular for teams to use their creativity and explore their everyday work life through the medium of art.

The Blues: a crowd favorite for its simple musical style and endless ways to spin lyrics on the ups and downs of everyday work life.

Rap / Hip-Hop: teams find unique ways to use rhyme, groove, flash, movement and fun in the Hip Hop medium.

Rock N Roll:  another crowd favorite for its driving beat, honesty, and energy from an audience that has been rocking for decades.

The program is customized for your team, and ideal for a fun agenda component in a Team Building Retreat, Leadership Retreat, and Leadership Conference.

Program Details

Audience Size

25 – 250


2 – 2.5 hours

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels.

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • Often used in an afternoon agenda slot; or often used as a popular evening entertainment program where your team create the entertainment!
  • Can include a customized song created for your unique event and audience to entertain them, but also to model and educate HOW they can create company-specific lyrics in a song of the chosen genre – and make it work.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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