Amazing Races

Creative, competitive Amazing Races customized to a location of your choosing.


Imagine small teams from your organization being challenged to a “winner-take-all” contest where they will have to be highly creative and daring as they RACE through a series of unique, wild, FUN experiences created just for them in a special location.

  • That’s an InnerWork Amazing Race, which have been conducted for thousands of corporate participants throughout the US and globally since 1990.
  • What makes InnerWork’s Corporate Amazing Races so unique is that our designs for your location’s Race Zone draw on the special features, characteristics and local people at each Amazing Race location.
  • InnerWork Amazing Race designers have a very special talent for developing Amazing Race challenges that are highly creative, which will invite your Race teams to bust loose from their “comfort zones” if they want to WIN BIG.
  • In this way, our customized Amazing Race designs avoid the “lame factor” so common in the usual boring, uninspiring scavenger hunts.

Amazing Races with Team Creativity

Here’s how our Races work. Your Amazing Race teams will compete in a timed event to overcome numerous Race obstacles, assignments and challenges scattered throughout your “Race Zone”. There will be more creative challenges available than each team has time for, but you will see your people doing “whatever it takes” to defeat the other Race teams.

  • Winning in these Races take strategy, courage, and some degree of “wild abandon”. The Race missions earn teams variable scores based on the complexity of each Race challenge, and also the degree of creativity and out-going, public interaction that allows each team to generate valuable bonus points.
  • Race teams can rocket out to big leads by scoring these HUGE bonuses for creative and humorous interactions with a whole variety of local citizens, tourists, shop owners, museum workers, horse-drawn carriages, bartenders, pet owners, street artists, restaurants, municipal employees, and even the local police or fire department, and much more.

These creativity bonuses makes the team competition on the Race Leader Board very fierce as the Race progresses. Race teams dig deep to have amazing FUN, and try to rack up big bonus points using fearless levels of creativity, persuasion of the public, and good old-fashioned teamwork under a time pressure.

Amazing Race Celebrations

After this kind of full-on team engagement, an Amazing Race celebration may be the perfect way for your teams to end their Amazing Race.

  • The Amazing Race finale and celebration can involve a hilarious Happy Hour too where each team can give an amazing presentation about their absolutely hilarious exploits and adventures in their Amazing Race.
  • Excellent presentations can also win big bonus points, and catapult a team into a higher place finish even if their field performance was lagging a little.
  • Your InnerWork Race master will award Race medals to the winning teams that out-perform their competitors in boldness, creativity, execution, risk-taking, and truly “mixing it up with the locals” in inspiring, amazing ways!

Decades of Experience in Corporate Amazing Races

Since 1990, InnerWork’s highly memorable corporate Amazing Race events have been designed and conducted for corporations of all sizes in major US and global urban locations, resorts, small towns, museums, aquariums, wineries, parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and much more.

  • Consult with a senior InnerWork facilitator about your ideas for an Amazing Race and learn how other organizations have co-created truly unique team experiences with the InnerWork team.

Program Details

Audience Size

10 – 300+


Half day

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • InnerWork’s Amazing Races are custom designed for your team in the location of your choice
  • This pre-program design and Race production phase tailors the event for your team with the unique local aspects and the local culture of the Race Zone you choose
  • Budgeting for Amazing Races should take into consideration the professional facilitator time needed for this design / production phase that also integrates your objectives and culture into the design; and the delivery phase

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!


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