Building Bridges

Explore the power of communication to solve challenges and build teamwork


In this exciting team building event, your teams will explore fascinating dynamics about effective teamwork, communication and collaboration by engaging in a construction event where they are literally “building bridges”.

  • Yes, this “bridge building” theme is highlighted by challenging two small teams to work together to build a complete bridge, but each of the two small teams is only responsible for building one half of the bridge!
  • These two small teams will be in competition with other two-team units to see which teams’ bridges can withstand strength and weight-bearing tests when their spans are connected.
  • But here is where this bridge building challenge gets very interesting. Using special ground rules and specific construction criteria, the two teams are tasked to build their half of the bridge in a completely separate location!
  • They must communicate & collaborate to a very high degree to be able to connect their bridge spans perfectly at the program Finale where their bridge connections and overall bridge strength will be tested.

In Building Bridges, it is amazing to watch how these teams work out their communication and measurement processes using only certain team members (who are allowed to relay information and specifications across the two teams) to achieve their bridge building objectives.

  • When the program Finale occurs in a central location, we will see which teams can make their bridge sections “quick connect” and be tested for strength.
  • The strength tests will involve the full group watching your InnerWork facilitators progressively weight load the bridges to see how much weight they can take before they give way and crash!
  • Teams get very excited in this bridge testing phase. There is a lot of team emotion and cheering going on as bridge after bridge is progressively weight loaded to its break point. Going-going-gone!
  • This is a “winner-takes-all” Finale. Who will be the last bridge and team standing?

Finally, the two teams who shaped the best bridge connections and best structural strength capacity in their design and execution will take home the First place prize, and serious bragging rights! Theirs is the last bridge standing.

  • But all teams will celebrate how important it is to truly excel at team communication, collaboration and the ability to “build bridges” to solve our toughest challenges in the workplace.

Program Details

Audience Size

20 – 300


2 hours

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels
  • Especially ideal for teams or leaders who have manufacturing, engineering, quality, IT or other technical orientation

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • Perfect for indoor team building as part of your group conference agenda
  • Requires a room set-up / different break out rooms to “blind” cooperating teams during the initial phase of the challenge

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!


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