The Company Games

Great team bonding activities in a competitive “Company Games” format


The Company Games program is a great lighthearted, fun way to enhance teamwork, communication and company camaraderie.

  • The Company Games programs are customized for your group’s objectives, and draw upon InnerWork’s broad array of team building exercises and team simulations.
  • Your Company Games design can have an emphasis on pure FUN and events that are “slightly wacky”. The design can also emphasize light to moderate levels of physical activity so everyone can participate.
  • The program design is framed as a “team competition” and a circuit of activities is established that will allow your small teams to rotate to each activity under a time pressure.
  • Your competitive teams will greatly enjoy the upbeat Company Games model because our senior facilitators will be helping them to “play hard, but play fair” as they create their own entertainment!

Your teams will likely face a series of team challenges with names “The Wacky Relay Race”, “Pipes and Pieces”, “Funky Skies”, “River Crossing”, “Blind Rope Maze”, “Juggle”, “Water Balloon Bust”, “Moon Ball”, “Happy Hoops”, “Calculator”, “Electric Fence”, “Marbles Molecules“, “Blind Man Retrieval”, Fire in the Hole”, “Tug of War”, and much more.

  • Points are awarded for varying degrees of team performance for each event, and the competition can include penalties and point deductions for poor team performance, that creates team tension and a desire to WIN BIG on their next event.
  • It is amazing to watch teams vie back and forth all day for their place positions on the Games Leader Board. They know that First Place will secure them a feeling of Victory, and the bragging rights that go along with it!

The Company Games programs can be run indoors or outdoors, including a popular version called “The Company Beach Games” if your team chooses to run the event on a beach.

  • Your custom designed Company Games program will be Play for Professionals at its best. Chaotic, exhilarating, and reminding your group that we are “All One Team”, and it’s truly essential to lighten up, support each other, and HAVE FUN!

Program Details

Audience Size

 10 – 1000 participants


1 – 3 hours

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels
  • Ideal for participants in company events like picnics, field days, “All Hands meetings”, and more

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • Prizes or awards for winning teams are suggested
  • Can be framed like a corporate sports contest or a type of corporate “Olympic Games”
  • Can be scaled for available agenda time frames to add interactivity to a retreat or conference

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!


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