Stress Management For Teams

 Boost daily energy & reduce stress with proven professional renewal tools


Being a corporate professional today is a demanding path. It is easy when we are under pressure (both at work and at home) to put ourselves… last. Yet, this is not always a wise choice.

  • What if you could adopt and practice optimal human performance methods to boost your daily energy, perform better under the demands you face, and sustain your health so that you can really be there for your team, your family – and yourself?

InnerWork is a global leader in helping individuals and teams learn and apply a system of proven stress management and professional renewal practices that help corporate professionals build their capacity and resilience to meet the demands of today’s workplaces.

  • InnerWork has developed and field-tested this unique “whole person” training over the last three decades and offers it in workshop formats or in leadership team development projects.

Stress Management / Professional Renewal Workshops

Depending on your objectives, these workshops are offered in half day to one day formats; or incorporated as agenda components in a corporate retreat, leadership retreat, or leadership conference. “Whole Person” change topics can include:

Mental & Emotional

  • Increasing Self-Awareness and Self-Management of Our Inner States
  • Mindfulness Tools for Stress Reduction & Improving Real-Time Performance
  • Understanding & Practicing Emotionally & Socially Intelligent Inner States


  • Increasing Energy & Health through Optimal Nutrition, Exercise, Strength & Flexibility
  • Using Performance Recovery to Manage Energy and Reduce Stress
  • Strategies for Getting Better Sleep


  • Exploring My Purpose & Core Values as a Whole Person
  • Living My Purpose & Core Values through My Work


  • Accessing Group Power: Changing From the Inside Out with My Team
  • Increasing My Health & Well Being through Healthy “Team Competitions”

“Whole Leader” Development Projects

Leaders in organizations today face significant demands that can often impact their health and resilience to work-related stress.

InnerWork has conducted a variety of advanced team-based Executive Health behavioral change programs & leadership team development projects involving robust “whole person / whole leader” training as part of building the leadership team and driving positive organizational change.

These customized InnerWork Leadership Development projects have involved integral change components such as:

Consult with an InnerWork senior facilitator on how these unique, integral “Change from the Inside Out” projects for corporate leadership teams are designed and implemented.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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