Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Learn and apply the “star competencies” of emotional & social intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders


In today’s organizations, truly effective leadership is a combination of the results you produce, and also, how you get those results.

  • To balance today’s drive for results with a leadership style that supports people and a healthier work culture, leaders today invest in developing their Emotional and Social Intelligence competencies, the so-called “star competencies” of highly effective leaders and professionals.

InnerWork’s Emotional Intelligence for Leaders is a customized program that develops the key leadership attributes & competencies of Emotional and Social Intelligence. These skills complement a leader’s functional expertise, and their business experience, in powerful ways.

  • And when you develop leadership teams in Emotional & Social Intelligence, the outcomes are even more remarkable. Over three decades of research show that leadership teams that possess higher levels of emotional and social intelligence outperform their competition in market share; and lead more high performing work cultures characterized by higher employee satisfaction, higher morale, better work team performance, better employee engagement, and lower turnover.
  • Also, when leaders increase their “EI / SI” skills, it helps them overcome two of the biggest root causes of leadership failure: lack of self-awareness & self-management skills; and the inability to build and sustain trusting, effective relationships with others.

InnerWork’s approach to developing leaders and leadership teams in Emotional & Social Intelligence is usually a three step process, and the program curriculum design is structured to meet the outcomes that are desired.

Assessment & Coaching

  • Your leaders can begin exploring what “EI / SI” means, and their current levels of Emotional and Social Intelligence by using powerful, multi-rater “360” assessments, or EQ self-assessments, conducted online. For “360” assessments, each leader’s results are de-briefed in a confidential Report session with an InnerWork Leadership Coach.
  • The “360” assessment & feedback report may also create a desire in a leader to develop an action plan for positive change, and engage in an (optional) Leadership Coaching process.


  • Your leaders and leadership teams then engage a customized development process of EI / SI awareness-building & skill building that includes many interactive, experiential exercises on building competencies such as Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Optimism, Achievement, Stress Management, Empathy, Building Teams & Relationships, Leading Change, Well-Being & Happiness, and much more.
  • Curriculum designs also can include a series of follow-up digitally-based exercises and resources that are self-paced and delivered through a learning management system.


  • Your training session can also include practical workplace applications and Break Out teams on how to directly apply EI/SI skills into your daily operations and strategies to transform your work culture.
  • One significant benefit of InnerWork’s leadership development training is that it can also incorporate principles of integral change, and use selected exercises & content from our Team Development programs and Organizational Change programs that are tailored to your leaders.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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