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Developing leaders, teams & organizations since 1990

The InnerWork Company is a global management consulting & training company specializing in developing organizational leaders and teams, and helping organizations facilitate and accelerate positive change in the workplace.

We are senior consultants, facilitators, coaches & trainers who are passionate about engaging our clients in integral change — personal change, team change, and effective organizational change.

We work mainly in the U.S. & North America, but also conduct programs & projects in Europe, Africa, Asia & Latin America.

Leaders in Integral Change in Organizations

Since 1990, our unique integral methods for developing teams (team change), leaders (self-change), and the organization (business change) has created significant operational and financial results for many organizations.  Our customized programs & change projects are specific to each client.  Our work has been featured in many major media outlets.

Hundreds of companies and over 250,000+ participants have experienced our broad range of team building programs, organizational assessments, corporate training programs, and organizational change projects that are effective, professionally conducted, and custom designed to meet the objectives our clients.

Global Experts in Retreat & Conference Facilitation

InnerWork also has pioneered a broad range of programs and methods for organizational retreats & conferences.

  • Since 1991, the InnerWork team has implemented over 1,500 highly interactive organizational meetings, retreats and conferences in the U.S., and internationally.
  • Our senior facilitators collaborate with our client leaders to design and implement highly interactive, results-based conferences & retreats that increase ROO (return-on-objectives) and ROI (return-on-investment) for these conferences & retreats.

Consultants in Conscious Capitalism – A Global Movement since 2008

InnerWork’s founder and CEO, Edward Quinn, is also a global Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant.  He has designed & implemented Conscious Capitalism-oriented change projects and programs for a variety of US and international organizations seeking to develop a stronger Higher Purpose; more conscious leaders; a conscious culture; and more trusting, value-creating stakeholder relationships with their customers, their internal team members / employees, their suppliers, the community, the environment, and their investors.

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