Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Develop teams in the "star competencies" of Emotional & Social Intelligence


To build high performance teamwork and collaboration in your workplace, your team members would greatly benefit from understanding and applying the key competencies of Emotional and Social Intelligence.

  • When each team member learns and adopts these research-based “star competencies” of highly effective professionals, then it is more possible than ever for your teams to increase the effectiveness of their communication and collaboration; and build more trusting, mutually supportive relationships that will contribute to their results.
  • In fact, over three decades of research showed that teams who have higher levels of emotional and social intelligence tend to outperform other similar teams by significant margins on a variety of measures.

InnerWork’s workshop for developing teams in Emotional & Social Intelligence is usually a three step process. The initial workshop length is usually a half day to one day, depending on your team’s needs.

If this training is part of a high performance teams development curriculum, or leadership team development curriculum, additional skill building options are available.

Assessment & Design

  • Your team members begin by assessing their current levels of Emotional and Social Intelligence by taking a powerful, online Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment. The results are debriefed at the workshop where each team member receives their own confidential, colorful Report.
  • It is also possible for your team leader(s) to receive a colorful Group Report showing the key strengths and areas for improvement in your team’s Emotional and Social Intelligence levels.
  • Also, in this intial phase, your InnerWork senior facilitator will conduct a pre-workshop, qualitative needs assessment (telephonic) with your team leader(s) to pinpoint the most important areas for change for the team that will be attending. Your facilitator will use this assessment to customize your workshop design.

The Workshop

InnerWork senior facilitators are expert at conducting highly interactive programs and retreats, so expect your team members to be engaged and fascinated as they explore how to become more Emotionally and Socially Intelligent!

  • They will build awareness and skills in such competencies as Self Awareness, Self Control, Optimism, Emotional Expression, Stress Tolerance, Taking Initiative, Impulse Control, Empathy, Building Relationships, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Reality Testing, Well-Being & Happiness, and much more.

Application During & After the Workshop

  • Depending on the length of your workshop, your teams can also engage practical applications to your workplace (based on your team needs assessment); or Break Out team exercises on how to apply Emotional Intelligence skills into your daily operations to improve key aspects of your work culture.
  • Follow up action steps can be planned for post-workshop implementation and skills practice at the personal and team level.

Emotional Intelligence – Audience Selection & Formats

Consult with an InnerWork senior facilitator to explore the ideal audience and format for this workshop. Our clients have found this program to be:

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels

Program Details

Audience Size

5 – 100+


1/2 – Full Day

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels

Design / Implementation Considerations

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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