InnerWork Leadership Development

Develop effective leaders & leadership teams from the Inside Out

InnerWork Leadership Development


Since 1990, leadership development and leadership team development have been signature strengths of InnerWork.

  • Your leaders can access a powerful array of innovative programs, assessments, coaching and facilitation services that have served hundreds of organizational leaders and leadership teams.

Leaders and leadership teams today need customized approaches to help them deal with individual change and transformation, team-based change, and organizational change that is tied to producing real organizational results.

  • Senior InnerWork facilitators work with your leaders to focus their leadership development on applications where leaders and leadership teams can practice and apply their skills to increase organizational effectiveness and positive organizational change.

Leadership Development Programs & Projects

  • Our Developing The Leader Within programs have guided leaders globally in a highly innovative learning process to “change from the Inside-Out” through a powerful set of transformational learning, models, and tools that provide insight into core attitudinal, emotional, and behavioral patterns that increase leadership effectiveness.
  • Our Emotional Intelligence assessments and programs provide leaders (and leadership teams) with proven, research-based training to develop their Emotional and Social intelligence, with many complementary programs for helping leaders build strong leadership teams and high performance work teams of all types.
  • Our Stress Management & Professional Renewal programs provide leaders and teams a comprehensive series of “whole person / whole leader” programs to improve executive health and performance in high demand work environments. These programs have been embedded in leadership team development curricula in major organizations seeking to build resiliency and “whole person” strength in their leaders.
  • Our Leadership Assessment and Leadership Coaching services provide organizational leaders in-depth personal and professional development support and coaching to navigate challenging situations or career development growth needs with a private, seasoned leadership coach.
  • Our range of Personal Assessments and assessment workshops provide leaders with valuable insight into aspects of their personality, preferences and work styles. These assessments also include exploring strengths and patterns in the team leaders and their work teams though insightful Group Reports.
  • Our customized Building Senior Leadership Teams programs (and leadership team development projects) provide a highly effective, customized leadership team development process that builds strong leadership teams using their real work scenarios and priorities as the core of the leadership team development process.
  • Finally, our innovative, highly interactive Leadership Retreats and Leadership Conferences help leadership teams convene and focus on their team development and renewal; as well as key areas for organizational change and planning for growth opportunities.

Consult today with a senior InnerWork facilitator about your specific needs and outcomes for your leaders and your leadership teams.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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