Employee Engagement

Actively engage your employees & have them create positive change with you.


Employee engagement is a critical success factor for today’s organizations. Research has proven that engaged employees are more productive, more customer focused, more satisfied, more loyal, and more committed to the success of their co-workers and the organization.

  • Increasing employee engagement goes far beyond just measuring employee engagement, which is often what organizations begin and end with. Engaging employees effectively requires motivating and engaging three integral domains of performance: the individual; the team / group; and linking the individuals and teams to achieving important organizational results.

Since 1990, InnerWork senior consultants have helped clients design and implement powerful Employee Engagement projects that have generated significant business returns through high levels of integral employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Can Be Systematic—and Engaging!   

  • Your employee engagement needs are not “cookie-cutter”. They are unique to your company and your people. Depending on your situation, your team may benefit from a range of InnerWork services for Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement Assessments That Frame the Challenges

Employee Engagement Implementations That Drive Positive Change

  • Organization Development services to support senior leaders and staff with employee engagement implementation services that increase measurable levels of employee engagement—and business results.
  • Senior InnerWork coaches to provide expert facilitation to implement employee engagement action plans and change interventions that can accelerate employee engagement and trust.
  • Leadership Team Development programs custom designed for leadership teams to lead effective organizational change through powerful strategies for higher levels of employee engagement.
  • Interactive Team Development programs to increase employee communication, teamwork, participation, and involvement in making their workplace better.
  • Retreats & conferences can be designed and implemented to give “Voice” to employee concerns, and invite them to take ownership and responsibility for what they feel “matters most”—and build follow-up, highly engaging, specific action plans post-retreat.

Ready to Go Beyond the Employee Engagement Survey?

Consult with a senior InnerWork facilitator to learn more about how InnerWork can help your team shape powerful proven approaches and strategies for actually increasing Employee Engagement, and get beyond just measuring employee engagement.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call you again!



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