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Sing the Blues

Team Building Entertainment

Sing the Blues is a novel and totally unique evening event consisting of several elements. First your team is welcomed to the Sing the Blues event by a real Blues band. The band plays a set of classic Blues songs.

The last song in the set could be a specially created, Blues song about your company (pre-planned ahead of time, of course). This can be sung by an audience member (like just the thought of it!) or our band leader.

Sing the Blues then includes a challenge to see what great fun singing the Blues can be! That is when we break into teams that create their own Sing the Blues songs. Each team learns the spirit of cooperation in this fun team building event.

The Sing the Blues team building contest consists of small groups of eight to ten people who learn the rudiments of creating a Blues song. Each team works with our musicians who get them ready for their debut on the big stage. You can feel the energy and the spirit of team building as each group competes for one or more prizes.

Sing the Blues contestants wear Blues hats and sunglasses and other gear. They belt out their feisty Blues songs, backed by the band, and engage in whatever wailing, hollering, dance stepping, and flashes of sheer dramatic flair they need to take a prize. Somebody bring the camcorder!

As the Sing the Blues teams wrap up their truly hilarious numbers, the awards are presented to cheers and catcalls. Finally, the best team is announced last; while doing an encore, the winning team gets applauded for achieving immortal company fame. Who said people in your company had no "soul?"

Sing the Blues is a great evening event that will be remembered for years to come! What's more, it is a fun team building activity that promotes communication, collaboration and team leadership skills!

Program Size: 25 - 200 participants
Program Length: 90 - 120 minutes, depending on group size

Learn how your firm can benefit from our Sing the Blues event and the broad range of other InnerWork programs. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building needs.