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Organizational Change

Understanding and Managing Organizational ChangeManaging organizational change is an important challenge for leaders at all levels today. Since 1990, InnerWork has provided leaders with expert Organizational Change consulting, facilitation, and training services that help individuals, teams and businesses manage organizational change successfully.

Our Organizational Change solutions are customized for each organization, but usually involve a phased Organizational Change Management process that begins with assessment and planning, followed by a customized organizational change implementation that helps you and your people significantly improve performance as you work through necessary change.

What makes an InnerWork Organizational Change project so unique is our integral focus not just on improving business results, but on facilitating deeper levels of self change and team change. People produce real change, so effective and sustainable organizational change is only possible when your people get fully engaged and empowered in making positive change happen.

  • For nearly two decades, our experienced organizational change consultants have worked with some of the world's leading organizations to support their unique change management needs. We invite you to explore our organizational change services below!
Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-2565 for a complimentary discussion with one of our senior change consultants about your unique organizational change requirements.

Organizational Change / Change Management Services

Our services for Organizational Change & Change Management include a broad range of change management consulting, training, facilitation, and project-based interventions. Services include:

  • InnerWork offers a broad suite of Organizational Development services including organizational assessments, organizational design, process analysis and improvement, measurement and balanced scorecard development, senior leadership team development, team facilitation, leadership development, personalized leadership coaching, and more.
  • Our change management training & our innovative change facilitation methodologies actively involve your people in creating positive change and taking responsibility for what needs to happen.
  • Successful organizational change efforts balance individual and team change, with organizational change. InnerWork's step-by-step change management process is customized to the unique business needs and workforce needs of your organization. Learn more about our proven, integral change management process that gets both business and people results.
  • Research shows engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused and loyal. Explore how you can build higher levels of Employee Engagement through InnerWork's proven, results-based approaches to building individuals, teams and the organization.
  • Navigating organizational change effectively often starts with an Organizational Assessment. Explore InnerWork's approaches to Organizational Assessment that have helped leaders implement high priority changes and improvements.
  • InnerWork's Leading Change program is a customized "quick action" change management intervention to build senior leadership teams or "mission-critical" project teams to capitalize on opportunities (or mitigate risks)---while engaging other employees along the way to build out a more formal change effort.
  • Learn more about InnerWork's guiding philosophy to navigating organizational change (Self Change, Team Change, and Business Change) and why that has produced documented business results, personal and team transformation, and cultural change for our clients.
Please email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 for a complimentary discussion with one of our senior organizational change consultants to learn more about how we might address your specific organizational change needs.