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Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments are highly effective ways to assess your organization's performance in multiple dimensions, and help you target specific performance improvement actions that can dramatically change your results.

Since 1990, InnerWork's senior organizational assessment consultants have conducted powerful, customized Organizational Assessments for a broad range of companies in many industries.

  • Our Organizational Assessments include not only specific organizational assessment findings, survey results and recommendations, but may also include one-year (or longer) Implementation Action Plans to help you take immediate action on your highest-impact organizational performance improvement opportunities.

Organizational Assessments - The First Step to Action

Organizational Assessments are an excellent first step towards taking action to initiate positive organizational change. Many of our clients tell us they are glad they have chosen InnerWork for their Organizational Assessment needs that go beyond Organizational Assessment.

To learn more about how we can customize an effective Organizational Assessment for your company that can initiate positive performance change and accelerate your results, see our Organizational Assessment services below.

Please email or call 1-888-216-3565 for a FREE Consultation with one of our senior Organizational Assessment consultants. We are confident we can help!

Organizational Assessments - Focused on Your Specific Needs

  • Organizational Assessments
    Our powerful customized Organizational Assessments will help you understand your core organizational development needs through proven methods like focus groups, senior management interviews, internal employee surveys and external customer surveys, competitive benchmarking, and the development of detailed recommendations and organizational change implementation plans.
  • Organizational Climate / Culture Surveys
    InnerWork Organizational Assessments can include our customizable Organizational Climate Surveys or Culture Surveys that measure your organization's operating culture through exploring the key behaviors and attitudes that your people believe constitute their current culture. Comprehensive, colorful reports illustrate the results in multiple formats, and identify strategies for improving your culture at the individual, team, and organizational level.
  • Employee Surveys
    Organizational Assessments are often enhanced with Employee Surveys that measure your employee satisfaction levels, and help you gain insight into a range of employee concerns. This valuable actionable employee feedback becomes the basis for improvement.
  • Customer Surveys
    Organizational Assessments are often improved with Customer Surveys that measure your internal or external customer satisfaction levels, and help you gain insight into key strengths and areas for change. This valuable actionable feedback becomes the basis for improvement.
  • Leadership Assessments
    Organizational Assessments often include helping your leaders understand how they can change. Our Leadership Assessment tools help leaders and individual contributors to gain insight into strengths and areas for improvement, including Action Plans for developing new behaviors for more effective personal leadership and team leadership.
  • Team Assessments
    Organizational Assessments can often include Team Assessments of senior management teams or "mission-critical" teams that are essential to key organizational results. Our Team Assessment tools help you measure several dimensions of team performance, and develop priorities and action steps for changing each team's performance.
Please email or call 1-888-216-3565 for a FREE Consultation with one of our senior Organizational Assessment consultants. We are confident we can help!