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Change Management Training

InnerWork's Change Management training programs and facilitation methodologies are designed to help you accelerate individuals, teams, and senior leaders to make specific improvements and changes in your business operations, and your results.

These "change management technologies" help your organization:

  • identify, plan, measure and implement specific change initiatives
  • motivate and engage your people with training and facilitation formats that are interactive and targeted on the key business issues you want to address.

Often, our Change Management training and professional facilitation services are combined with program elements from our leadership development and team development programs to help you create an integrated, high impact learning process that motivates your people to make positive change happen.

Also, our Change Management training and facilitation methods have been used successfully during corporate conferences to inspire thousands of participants to fully engage necessary change.

Please email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss your change management traing and change facilitation needs with a senior InnerWork change management consultant.

Setting Directions for Change

  • Future Visioning Conferences
    InnerWork uses a variety of powerful collaborative planning methods for bringing the right stakeholders together to focus on the Future, and create a common shared vision of that Future. InnerWork's Future Visioning methods are highly participative, involve multiple stakeholders, and lead to significant levels of commitment and action plans to achieve the desired Future outcomes.
  • Scenario Planning provides training and facilitation in a strategic planning process that anticipates future scenarios and changes, and makes flexible plans to adapt to these changes.
  • Strategic Planning provides training and facilitation for organizations to define their strategy and direction, and create plans and resources models to implement the strategy.

Implementing Change

  • Leading Change provides training and facilitation to identify key areas for change, and builds a leadership team and implementation teams to lead that change.
  • Work Out provides training and facilitation in an effective change management group process that identifies complex issues for change, and gets the right people to solve it.
  • Open Space provides training and facilitation in a highly participatory group intervention process that your team can use to identify complex issues, and resolve them successfully.
  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Events
    Appreciative Inquiry is an innovative collaborative planning process that builds a desired Future by discovering the existing positive strengths in people and organizations; and leveraging those strengths to systematically overcome barriers to the desired Future.
  • Customer / Supplier Summits
    InnerWork's Customer Summits or Supplier Summits are collaborative relationship building and planning meetings to focus on mutual opportunities and challenges between the sponsoring organization and its key customers; or its key suppliers.
  • Electronic Councils use cutting-edge, computer driven group collaboration technology to rapidly explore key issues for change with full participation from every stakeholder in the room.
Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 for more information on our programs that help you accelerate positive organizational change, or help your organization manage change more effectively.