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About Us

The InnerWork Company is a management training and consulting firm that specializes in improving our client’s business performance through the comprehensive and integral development of individuals, teams and the organization.

The company was founded in 1990 by Edward Quinn, an experienced management consultant who saw a need to combine proven approaches for whole person, “inside out change”, with proven approaches for team development and organizational change and development.

The Power of Integral Change 

InnerWork’s consulting and human resource development approach is based on the principle that to create effective change and superior results in organizations that are sustainable, it is necessary to use a broad set of methods, measurement tools, training programs and project-based interventions that are integral, and focus on building the Whole Person, the Whole Team, and the Whole System for competitive advantage.   

  • Today, this emphasis on integral self change, team change and business change has helped InnerWork consultants configure for our clients highly relevant and targeted programs, change projects, and interventions that have produced documented multi-million dollar results for clients, and created significant shifts in human performance and human behavior from the “inside out”.   

Global Work / Experienced Staff 

We serve many of the Fortune 500 companies and work globally.  Our senior consultants and facilitators are experienced business people, many with years of leadership in publicly held organizations, with advanced degrees in psychology, business administration, education, and various professional certifications in experiential learning, group dynamics, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning. 

Producing Change through Effective Face-to-Face Collaboration 

The InnerWork team also has strong competencies in creating and designing effective, results-based corporate conferences and meetings, since the corporate conference / meeting has become the new “village green” for many organizations.

Our Community Service Focuses on Educating Young Leaders 

InnerWork is committed to educating young people for the future, and has developed highly innovative programs currently being conducted in US high schools with students ages 14 – 17.  These programs are significantly changing young people’s lives, and winning awards and grants for innovation in education. 

  • InnerWork donates 5% of its net profit before taxes to these innovative programs, and covers additional operating expenses through external grants and a "sustainable cost plus model" as they expand.
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