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Youth Leadership Programs

Developing young people to be leaders in our communities, workplaces, families, and our global society is a passion of the InnerWork team, and the focus of our corporate philanthropy work, both nationally and internationally. Since 1997, InnerWork has been partnering with US high schools in two ways:

  • comprehensive youth leadership development programs focused on personal change and community service
  • global educational immersion experiences to develop young global citizens
The Young Leaders Program

InnerWork's Young Leaders Program is an amazing semester-long character education program helps young people learn an integrated, "whole person" curriculum of skills and practices to awaken "the teen leader within" by improving their mental, emotional, and physical performance.

The Young Leaders Program also provides instruction and coaching in high performance teamwork and project planning that the teens apply to real-world community service learning projects.

The Young Leaders Program has:

  • changed young people's lives dramatically, and;
  • empowered teachers to motivate and develop their students at levels beyond the traditional curriculum

The program has recently won a major grant to accelerate its introduction into more high schools and community after-school programming. To learn more, see The Young Leaders Program page .

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