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Testimonials for Team Building and Meeting Facilitation

Testimonials from major companies in a variety of industries attest to the strength of InnerWork's comprehensive training programs and organizational change processes. Since 1990, InnerWork has improved our clients' business performance through a variety of services, including in-depth needs assessment leading to effective program and project design, team building, meeting facilitation, leadership development, organizational change projects and corporate training.

Our clients report the following positive results:

  • Our team building training has helped clients focus on implementing a results-based approach to team development that blends training with real-world application so that they achieve tangible business results as well as effective team change.
  • Our team building events, including team expeditions, corporate and Geo team building, ropes courses, team initiatives, and Amazing Races and Hunts, have helped our clients motivate and inspired their employees to engage their workplace challenges and make commitments to grow.
  • Our corporate meeting facilitation approaches have helped our clients achieve their most important goals by using proven facilitation methods and interactive experiences on their real-world issues to resolve them successfully
  • Our unique organizational change programs and consulting services have helped our clients achieve multi-million dollar improvements in results by focusing simultaneously on three core levels of change (self change, team change, business change)
  • Our customized corporate training approach has helped our clients avoid the pitfalls of "packaged" corporate training and helped them design interventions that have achieved tangible results and significant ROI (Return-on-Investment) and ROO (Return-on-Objectives).
  • Our "inside out" change approach to Leadership development have helped clients experience powerful, transformative practices, tools, and assessments that have helped them "change from the Inside Out" and become more effective catalysts for organizational growth.

From Our Clients

"I wanted to thank you for a fun and meaningful program for our top leaders. The program did much more than promised! It was a huge success and it is highly recommended for any organization looking to build teams and see the "whole person" in themselves and their employees."

GMAC Commercial

"We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!"


"It was amazing to watch The InnerWork team in action. What a wonderful way you have with people! I really enjoyed the team development process for our leadership team and how much we accomplished building the relationships that will truly improve our business."

Diamond Glass

"The InnerWork Company designed a senior leadership retreat that included very powerful relationship building exercises, simulations and customized breakout groups. The result was just amazing and exceeded our expectations. My compliments and thanks for a job well done."

SunTrust Bank

"We have worked with many training companies through the years, but your company stands out. Your service, your programs, your focus on our needs and how to use the training principles successfully in our work place is best-in-class. Thank you!"


"With the leadership, creativity, and wisdom, and steering us through the ups and downs of group dynamics, we would have never been able to accomplish so much progress on our critical business issues."


"Our team building program was the best program I have ever attended, effective, exciting, useful, and very focused on helping us change."


"Your great team gave us a chance not only to learn how to work together as a team through communication, trust and leadership, but also to face some of our own fears about change by using the support of our peers. Thank you!"

Deutsche Bank

"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the entire program and found it to be personally beneficial as well as a great benefit to our team building goals. The atmosphere, the tremendous abilities of The InnerWork Company, and the openness exhibited by all of our people, made this meeting the best I have ever attended."

Atlantic Mills