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Team Building for Tough Times

Building high performance teamwork and collaboration is essential for getting results in tough economic times. Whether your team has been through a merger or acquisition, a reduction in force, works in a stressful high demand environment, or is challenged to implement aggressive business growth plans, you can be successful though an integral approach to:

  • Effective Teamwork: higher levels of interpersonal communication, teamwork, accountability and trust;
  • Business Focus: a laser-sharp focus on business strategy, specific business goals and results, and effective organizational communication; and
  • Human Performance Engagement: practicing personal engagement strategies like visioning and goal setting, optimism, emotional intelligence, and human performance practices that keep you productive, energized, and out of negative mental and emotional states and behaviors

Since 1990, InnerWork's expert team development and organization development facilitators have designed and implemented results-based team building programs, team development interventions, and organization development projects that have produced significant, multi-million dollar results for our clients as they have engaged tough times.

Great Companies Play Offense & Invest

In tough times, leaders play offense and build and motivate their people and teams while focusing them on key goals and results. InnerWork's senior facilitators can help you guide your team to engage your key challenges with a much deeper sense of power, commitment, and purpose.

  • If you see your people and their performance as a key to thriving in this tough economic climate, and you want to work with a firm that will show you how to produce a proven sustainable return-on-investment (ROI) by increasing individual, team, and organization performance during challenging times, you may want to discuss your needs with a senior InnerWork performance consultant.

Please contact us by Email or phone 1-888-216-3565 for a complimentary onsite or phone consultation with a senior InnerWork performance consultant.
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Results-Based Leadership & Teamwork in Tough Times

PDF Love, Not Fear: Transforming People and Teams after a Massive Downsizing (PDF)

PDF Failure is NOT an Option: Achieving Radical Top-Line Growth through High Performance Teamwork & Personal Transformation (PDF)

PDF Collaborate or Die: Catalyzing Major Business Growth through a Powerful Conference (PDF)