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Comedy Team Improv

Team Building Fun

Team Improv is zany, in the moment creativity packed team building!Comedy Team Improv is team building fun with a purpose. Imagine building team spirit with fun activities right after dinner. Inner Work's professional Comedy Team Improv engages in a hilarious, "no- holds- barred", competition. With Comedy Team Improv the most spontaneous and creative team wins! If you love the TV show, Whose Line Is it Anyway?, then this amusing team building evening show is for you!

Here's how Comedy Team Improv works:

  • Two teams of professional improv players and a hilarious, highly entertaining referee take the stage. Scoreboards, lights and props add to this very special team building event.
  • The audience is divided into two; each group roots for its favorite Improv Comedy Team, which utilizes "in the moment" spontaneity and creativity.
  • The "Ref" asks the audience for totally "off-the-wall" real life situations from your organization.
  • The opposing teams then act out improvisations based on these suggested scenarios.

As the contests proceed, audience volunteers may join a comedy improv team to accumulate points and "serious bragging rights" as the "Kings" and "Queens of Spontaneity."

Depending on the format, you and your team may dive into different rousing contests of Comedy Team Improv variations, including:

  • Corporate Double Speak
  • Forward - Reverse
  • Job Interview, Slide Show
  • Elimination Rap
  • Acquisition Spree
  • What Are You Doing?
  • Other Slam-Dunk Improv Riffs.

Other forms of Comedy Team Improv may not involve competition, but focus purely on entertainment and audience involvement. These may include a pre-program needs assessment to create "Day-in-the-Life" comedy sketches of your workplace!

Team Comedy Improv! Goal-oriented team building fun – and a great way to cap off a great day!

Program Size: 20 - 500 participants
Program Length: 60 to 75 minutes.

Learn how your firm can benefit from our Comedy Team Improv program and our broad range of team building events. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565.