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Team Development

InnerWork's Team Development programs and team development seminars focus on building higher levels of team performance. Our Team Development programs accomplish this through highly interactive skills-based training modules, team facilitation on real-world challenges, and the development of team leaders.

InnerWork's programs build high performing teams.

Because no two teams are ever alike, we customize Team Development programs based on a thorough Needs Assessment of your people and your business goals. And we often use Team Assessment Tools to baseline and track how well your team has improved over time.

The customization of your Team Development programs can also include selected modules and program elements from our innovative Leadership Development and Organizational Development programs and facilitation--creating a powerful integrated program experience of team change, self, change and business change.

InnerWork's Team Development program designs ensure that your people are engaged in applying what they have learned to your specific business challenges-often producing significant ROI. Since 1990, our expert Team Development program leaders have been retained by hundreds of corporate executives and managers to build their people's capacity to work together, and build authentic skills and competencies to work in - or to lead - high performance teamwork.

Our Team Development seminars include:

  • Building High Performance Teams is an interactive skills-based team development program that focuses on the team principles and practices of effective teamwork, and how to apply this knowledge to real-time business challenges. Team development program formats include key-notes, half day programs, one day and two day team development programs, depending on your objectives.
  • Team Initiatives are team development programs that include experientially-based team exercises to enhance communication, trust, problem-solving and collaboration, and to break down barriers that prevent people from engaging with each other. Team Development formats include half day and one day programs, and can be integrated with other team development programs and corporate retreats.
  • Building Senior Leadership Teams is a highly interactive team development experience for senior teams that blends the principles of high performance teamwork with customized facilitation or breakout groups on important organizational challenges requiring executive collaboration.
  • Teamwork Skills is a modular team development program that provides teams with a comprehensive system of team development skills that involve team communication, decision-making, problem-solving, action planning, process improvement, and more.
  • Developing Team Leaders is a modular team leadership development program that provides team leaders with a comprehensive series of leadership and supervisory team development skills to lead and manage teams.
  • Building Customer Account Teams strengthens internal cross-functional (or cross-divisional) account teams responsible for driving higher levels of customer focus, value, service, and revenue from key accounts. This type of team development program produces high performance teamwork and generates significant ROI.
  • Team Coaching & Facilitation provides professional team development facilitation and team development coaching services to build and sustain any type of organizational team. This team development facilitation and coaching is especially helpful where achieving high performance and results are critical to the business, such as sales teams, project teams, process improvement teams, and many others.
  • Team Assessments provide quantitative and qualitative surveys and assessments that zero in on your team's performance levels, and track team development improvements over time.
  • InnerWork conducts team development programs at multiple locations in many US cities, states, and foreign locations. We conduct team development programs and team building seminars at some of the finest resorts, hotels, and conference centers in the world.
Learn how your firm can benefit from the Team development expertise of The InnerWork Company. Click on the selections above for more information or feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565. We will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a meeting to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building training and team development needs.