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Team Coaching & Facilitation

Accelerate Team Development & Performance 

Team Coaching and Facilitation services from InnerWork will enable your teams to quickly align and focus fully on achieving organizational goals.  InnerWork understands the dynamics of teams, and how to coach and facilitate them to create optimal results in short periods of time.

Our Team Coaching and Facilitation services have been used to launch or guide "mission essential" team whose effectiveness and performance is critical to an organization.  Also, InnerWork facilitators have been able to help bring team members with excellent functional expertise into a collaborative team process that leverages everyone's technical skills, but keeps the team relationships, communication and results moving forward towards agreed-to goals and timelines.

Our Team Coaching & Facilitation services incorporate selected modules and practices from our broad range of our team development programs on a "just-in-time" basis. In this way, our senior team facilitator can "jump-start" your team on a faster track to optimal performance.

Our Team Coaching and Facilitation services have helped scores of clients launch highly successful teams that have gone on to produce such results as:

  • Generate millions of dollars of operating profit through increased sales, or decreased costs.
  • Rapidly development and launch major new products.
  • Redesign and re-engineer mission essential work processes.
  • Successfully define, plan, and implement major capital projects.
  • Rapidly integrate joint venture, or merger/acquisition management teams and employees, to form a common culture, vision, strategies, and operating tactics.
If the successful and rapid deployment of high performance teams are important to your business, email or call us at 1-888-216-3565. InnerWork has the experience to help your company using our Team Coaching and Facilitation services and team building strategies.