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Team Building Consultants

Experience signifigant ROI using InnerWork's team building servcies.The team building consultants of The InnerWork Company are global leaders in corporate team building and facilitating team change. Since 1990, our team development programs have produced new levels of team performance and significant business results for our client companies, and our proven range of team building events have been used by hundreds of corporations to energize their corporate events and meetings worldwide.

InnerWork's team building consultants are experts at helping you design and deliver the right customized team development program, team building event, corporate retreat, or executive retreat that will improve your team's effectiveness, collaboration skills, and team-based results.

Team Development Programs and Team Building Events

InnerWork's team building consultants provide you with four main categories of team building: Team development programs, team building events, ropes courses, or corporate or executive retreats

These proven programs have been used by over 100,000 corporate professionals in organizations of all sizes to improve teamwork, communication, trust, team leadership, and collaboration. 

Our Team Building Consultants Offer the Following Programs:

  • InnerWork's experienced corporate team building consultants can help you decide the appropriate corporate team building activity. We will create the best corporate team building experience for your company based on your budget, time frames, and location preferences.
  • We start with a needs assessment to discover your business objectives and team development goals. Then our team development consultants will design an appropriate program for your firm using various team development modules and corporate team building exercises. Team communication, team relationships, team-based execution, and business results will improve based on new, effective individual and team behaviors.
  • Check out our range of proven highly interactive team building events that boost team morale, energy, bonding, and fun, as well as applications back to the workplace. Our team building events include our popular competitive team programs, ropes courses, high tech corporate races and hunts, construction challenges, indoor classroom activities, comedy team improv experiences, and creative musical team building events. Our team building consultants create events that are popular choices for corporate meetings and events.
  • Our corporate retreats and corporate team building retreats are custom-designed for the key issues and group dynamics of your team. InnerWork senior team building consultants can bring a full range of proven programs, tools and methodologies to your business, team, and personal development goals.
  • InnerWork's Executive Retreats are facilitated by InnerWork's senior program leaders, and are customized for your executive team. We draw from our extensive range of programs and experiential methods to create a retreat design that builds high levels of communication, trust, focus and energy on implementing key organization priorities. The result: our executive retreats build stronger executive teams, and include tools and strategies for follow up implementation!
  • Explore how to accomplish specific business challenges and practice individual and group behaviors needed to meet these challenges with the ropes course experience. The course, whether high or low, provides an incredibly fun, powerful and safe shared experience that promotes team cohesion, trust, communication and problem-solving.
  • InnerWork believes that you need to assess team issues, and measure human behavior, in order to change it. Our team building consultants use powerful needs assessment processes, team assessments and quantitative team measurement tools to evaluate your current team performance levels, and provide strategies and programs to help shift individual and team attitudes and behaviors so that your teams can achieve optimal performance.
To learn more about how InnerWork can support your team building consultant's needs, feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565. We will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule a meeting or phone conference to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building needs.