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Scavenger Hunts

Team Building Adventure and Motivation

Scavenger Hunts are a fun way to challenge, motivate, and inspire your people. InnerWork's Corporate Scavenger Hunts focus on FUN and team building!

Our creative team can design incredible Scavenger Hunts for any meeting location. We use local features and conditions to make Scavenger Hunts very memorable. We've designed these events in such diverse places as downtown Manhattan, Nantucket Island, the National Mall in DC, the Hawaiian Islands, Paris, and tons of resorts and conference centers.

Each Scavenger Hunt usually involves small teams that compete to win a special Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize. Scavenger Hunts are timed events, and each team is given all kinds of serious (and goofy) resources, maps, props, clues, and a series of sequential challenges and assignments. To be successful, each team needs team building, planning, communication, and the ability to have lots of fun!

InnerWork's corporate-style Scavenger Hunts are like no others, and avoid the "Lame Factor" so common to many Scavenger Hunt designs.  InnerWork's Scavenger Hunts challenge teams intellectually and socially to engage in a "special forces" series of smart missions and use the following factors that accelerate team building and competition, including:

  • Street theatre
  • Creative risk-taking
  • Sketch comedy humor
  • Daring levels of photography
  • Unique forms of on-the-go corporate public relations
  • Novel program designs

Each Scavenger Hunt has a grand finale, an Ultimate Challenge to solve or a fun presentation summarizing the experience. As an amusing option, your Scavenger Hunt design can use your company's theme, messages, history, products, and services.

It's all in the spirit of great fun which bonds people closer together through a common, spirited team building experience! "InnerWork Scavenger Hunts…they rock!"

Program Size: 5 - 1500 participants
Program Length: Half-day or one day

Learn how your firm can benefit from a custom-designed Corporate Scavenger Hunt and the broad range of other team building programs from InnerWork. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building event needs.