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Project Planning Facilitation

Launching successful project teams is essential to any business. Our Project Planning facilitation services provide expert InnerWork facilitators (who have been successful PM's in major organizations) to coach your project leaders and teams in common project planning methods to:

  • Build strong project relationships and agreements, and clearly define their team values and operating guidelines
  • Identify the project's purpose and desired results / objectives across a range of criteria that represent all project stakeholders / organizations involved in the project
  • Learn an effective streamlined three-phase project planning process and tools for defining, planning and implementing projects
  • Apply these project planning process and tools immediately to their real world projects
  • Produce a comprehensive, coherent written project plan they can use immediately and all project team members buy into
  • Develop strong, effective communication skills and communication agreements that will help overcome key project barriers and manage organizational change, project communication, and organizational dynamics during the project life cycle
  • Utilize your project management software tools and cost accounting tools

Project Planning Facilitation that Gets Results

InnerWork's Project Planning services have helped scores of companies launch project teams and implement such "mission essential" projects as:

  • Develop and launch new products to respond to market change
  • Build and launch key account teams to implement major service initiatives
  • Design and install enterprise-wide software and IT networks
  • Capital projects to design and build facilities and infrastructure
  • Conduct systematic marketing and sales campaigns
  • Implement world wide learning and workforce development initiatives
  • Plan and implement strategic growth projects that span organizational units

Learn more about how our Project Planning facilitation services can help your project leaders and teams implement your projects on time, on budget, and with the desired results!

Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 for more information on our Project Planning facilitation services to discuss your organization's needs for effective project planning and project management.