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Corporate Conference Research & Development

People have always needed to gather together to discuss their most important issues, to learn new things, and to develop new bonds and commitments to one another.

InnerWork's desire to delineate the elements of effective corporate meetings led to a structured study in the early 1990's. We developed a three year joint meeting research and development project with Marriott International. Our team collaboratively consulted over 300 meetings with nearly 10,000 corporate meeting attendees to define what makes an effective corporate meeting for corporate managers and executives.

From this research base, InnerWork designed a comprehensive, proven system of:

  • Interactive programs, experiences, and professional facilitation methodologies
  • Consultative meeting content design and needs assessment tools that uncover the core strategic and group dynamics needs for a corporate meeting

These approaches, tools and methods facilitate creating and implementing corporate conferences that significantly increase the meeting's business and group dynamics value for corporate executives; these processes also generate enhanced return-on-investment (ROI) and return-on-objectives (ROO) for their corporate meetings.

Our corporate conference research and development efforts have led to documented multi-million improvements in profit and positive changes from effectively conducted, results-based corporate conferences.

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