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InnerWork has a broad range of programs and services, and we work nationally and internationally with our global clients.

The most frequently asked questions we receive can be grouped into four categories. Please click on that category below, and you will be taken to that section. If you do not get your question answered, please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565.

Corporate Team Building

What types of team building programs are right for my group?

Team building means many things to many people. Our focus is on corporate team building. We use senior corporate trainers and business consultants to conduct these programs, and not staff whose skill level is appropriate for recreational, leisure, or youth team building programs.

If your group wants a fun, bonding, or even competitive team building experience, you may want a corporate team building event. For examples of these programs, see InnerWork's team building events.

If your group wants a team development program where your team (and team leaders) learn and practice the skills and behaviors of effective teams, you may want a team building training or team development program. For examples of these team building programs, see InnerWork's team building training.

If your group wants a specialized corporate team building experience that lasts from one day to several days (usually no longer than three to five days), you may want a corporate retreat or an executive retreat.

Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 and we can help you clarify the right corporate team building experience for you group.

What do your corporate team building programs cost?

InnerWork prices our corporate team building programs on a per person or per program price, plus any variable staff travel or materials expenses. There are several factors that go into our costs.

First, our pricing includes InnerWork senior consultants' professional design time to configure customized programs that meet your specific group needs. Also, depending on the size of your group, we may need additional senior staff to ensure the program is delivered in a high quality and safe manner.

Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 with your corporate team building needs. We can then prepare a fair quote that will fulfill the needs of your executives and employees, and provide experienced InnerWork staff that will ensure an excellent, relevant, and safe program.

Where do you recommend we conduct our program?

Our corporate team building programs can be conducted on-site at your location, or at off-site locations, such as training centers, hotels, resorts, dedicated conference centers or retreat facilities.

On our Program Locations page, we also can recommend off-site facilities that have excellent capabilities to support corporate programs such as ours. In many cases, we have worked at these facilities, or they may actually be partners of ours.

Email or call us at 888-216-3565 with your program needs and we can suggest suitable locations that match your quality, cost and travel parameters.

Corporate Conferences

What is the difference between your corporate training programs and your programs and methods for corporate conferences?

There are many differences, but the key difference is length. After many years of corporate conferences research (link) and field-testing, we have assembled one of the most comprehensive system of meeting programs, meeting experiences, and meeting facilitation methods that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your corporate conferences.

Corporate conferences usually require the programming formats to be briefer, highly interactive, and not always focused on results-based change. Some groups, because of the intensity of their workplace, just want to relax and have FUN at certain segments of their corporate meetings. We enjoy those programs as much as our results-based programs, as this is what our client group needs.

Leadership Development Programs

What do your leadership development programs cover?

InnerWork believes the whole person has four to five levels of performance (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational). Therefore, our leadership development programs use research-based models and practices for "inside-out whole person" change to educate participants on how to maximize their performance at all these levels. Insert carriage return

All of our leadership development programs integrate with our corporate team building and organizational change programs and services. Company leaders learn to understand the connections between self change, team change, and business change, and can then guide their companies from that perspective.

Organizational Change / Change Management

How are your programs and models for organizational change and change management different?

Our organizational change consulting and change management projects identifies and implement solutions to what needs to change at the level of the business, the team, and the individual. Our customized design interventions and measurement systems are implemented on these three levels simultaneously in order to address change from this "whole person, whole team, whole business" perspective.

We conduct results-based interventions and skill development with the above systematic, comprehensive approach. Most other firms doing organizational change work do not have this broad programming and consulting expertise, or may not operate from this integral (self change, team change, business change) foundation.

Learn how your firm can benefit from the services of The InnerWork Company. Click on the selections above for more information. Or Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to learn more about how we can help.