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Executive Coaching

InnerWork's Executive Coaching services focus on supporting and guiding an executive to gain new levels of insight, skills, and knowledge to set and implement key goals for personal and professional change, and wherever possible, integrate those changes with meeting business goals and objectives.

Conducted in a confidential, trusting, one-on-one relationship with a senior InnerWork executive coach, each Executive Coaching relationship is defined by the goals and needs of the executive, and the organization.

Our Executive Coaching process often:

  • Utilizes multiple data-driven perspectives from an executive's peers, direct reports, and other colleagues to clarify strengths and areas for next level change.
  • Integrates goal setting, action planning, and coaching feedback on action taken on real-world issues
  • Facilitates powerful relationship-building interactions between the executive and his/her key relationships to improve understanding and interpersonal effectiveness

InnerWork's Executive Coaching process involves a close working relationship between the executive, our executive coach, and the organization, to ensure the right kind of Executive Coaching support is provided to one of your company's most valuable leaders.

InnerWork's coaching engagements are structured around the executive's specific needs and schedule.  Standard Executive Coaching engagements last either three to six months, and involve two to four coaching sessions per month (either in person or telephone-based) with a senior InnerWork executive coach.

To learn more about our Executive Coaching services, please email us or call 1-888-216-3565.