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Developing the Leader Within

In business today, every one of us is called upon to be a force for positive change and leadership. And high performance teamwork is always based on higher performing individuals. Thus, the Self, and self change, is essential for leadership, high performance teamwork, and effective organizational change.

  • Developing the Leader Within is an innovative leadership development program being used in corporations worldwide to change human behavior and performance from the Inside-Out!

Developing The Leader Within uses your real-world issues and situations to courageously explore the core personal and interpersonal factors that sometimes prevent us (and others) from making authentic, effective change happen.

Developing the Leader Within uses a three part learning design and innovative models and tools for effective Self Change.  The first part of the learning design is focused on building deep levels of awareness on the the inner mental, emotional and behavioral patterns of peak human performance, as well as the limited and self-defeating patterns of human performance we all have--the human ego.

  • Using highly interactive learning methods that includes audience volunteers, professional dramatic techniques, role playing, humor, full group and small group inquiry, and the ever present element of surprise, we unmask the hidden causes of limited and self defeating behavior in the work place, and also reveals the path to extraordinary performance and a new kind of "inside-out" leadership.

In the second part of the Developing the Leader Within program, participants engage in self assessment. Each team member individually explores their own "Leader Within" through a unique Inner Leader assessment tool that gives you people valuable insight into high leverage areas for personal change and improvement---and several key patterns of ego-based behavior that we need to stop and eliminate.

  • Based on this honest personal reflection, the final segment of Developing the Leader Within allows each team member to share the results of their assessment with their colleagues in small groups, and make commitments to deeper levels personal and professional change, and gain support from their team members.

Based on years of research and implementation in organizations all over the globe, Developing the Leader Within has helped thousands of leaders, teams, and individuals see how they can positively transform their work challenges, and their lives; and let go of old patterns and practices that just don't work.

Program Size: 10 - 150 participants
Program Length: 4 - 5 hours

"The Developing the Leader Within program was THE catalyst for each one of us to recognize we needed to STOP certain negative behaviors, and START thinking and acting in effective ways that helped us launch a major organizational change effort that turned our division around. It was amazing. It was, literally, change from the inside out.". -Dave F., SVP and GM, Arkema

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