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Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats can greatly benefit today's leaders and team members.  InnerWork’s senior facilitators are experts at designing well-organized, engaging, and transformational Corporate Retreats.  Designing results-based, highly interactive Corporate Retreats has been one of InnerWork's greatest capabilities since 1990.

Whether your Corporate Retreat is a half day, one day, or a multi-day experience, each Corporate Retreat is custom designed for the key issues and group dynamics of your team. What makes InnerWork's Corporate Retreats so powerful, however, is the range of proven programs, tools and methodologies that an InnerWork Senior Consultant can bring to your business, team and personal development goals.

Create a Customized Corporate Retreat

InnerWork's approach to a Corporate Retreat starts with an important needs assessment process that focuses on your business content for the retreat, as well as your key behavioral / group dynamics needs. This assessment leads to a creative design process and the selection of the right training and meeting facilitation methodologies to deploy during your Corporate Retreat.

During the Corporate Retreat, our Senior Consultant will help you focus on your critical areas for change and your key content in exciting, interactive ways, and build new levels of teamwork, trust, and collaboration on things that really matter.

Many of our clients have also enjoyed interactive exercises and components from our Professional Renewal and Stress Management Programs as part of their corporate retreats.

The result: your Corporate Retreat can accelerate results, real change, and the quality of your interpersonal relationships in powerful ways so that you can return to the workplace, renewed and ready, and with well crafted action plans.

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