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Corporate Amazing Race

Team Building Events focused on Competition & Collaboration

A Corporate Amazing Race is an incredible team building contest modeled after the popular television series. The Corporate Amazing Race blends themes of competition and collaboration and is one of our most popular team building events.

Our Corporate Amazing Races are designed for the location of your choice. We have conducted Corporate Amazing Races all over the country, from New York's Times Square, to the Deep South and westward to the high Rockies and California wine counties.

Small teams are pitted in a race-against-time to complete a series of Corporate Amazing Race team building challenges; contestants try to earn as many points as possible in the time allotted. We use popular program elements of the TV show, like Route Markers, Road Blocks, and Detours; we also include unique challenges that add humor, drama, and highly creative interactions with the public.

Everyone can participate in the Corporate Amazing Race as each is tailored to the needs of your group.* Depending on the program design, small teams may even collaborate along the race route to produce interdependent score totals.

Our Corporate Amazing Race will really test each team's ability to practice these team building skills:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning---executing the plan with flexibility
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Collaboration & Trust
  • Strategy
  • Performance under pressure

At the end of your Corporate Amazing Race, teams will recount their adventures in presentations that highlight themes like the imprtance of communicaiton, trust, the ability to change, accountabiity and having FUN as they perform!

Presentations are followed by awards and prizes to the winning teams. A great experience of team building, individual bonding, fun, competition and learning!

Program Size: 8 – 1,200 participants
Program Length: Half-day to one day

* May require a pre-program design phase and customization for your chosen location.

Learn how your firm can co-design and launch your very own Corporate Amazing Race!  Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building event needs.