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Collaborative Planning

InnerWork's meeting facilitation services include expert facilitation using powerful and proven collaborative planning methodologies energizing large and small groups and making positive change happen. Using these Collaborative Planning methods, you and your organization could:

  • Create a shared future vision desired by everyone-and action plans to get there!
  • Solve complex issues and problems in highly participative ways
  • Get your people deeply involved in creating their own work design and structure
  • Radically improve key processes and address performance "gaps"
  • Develop a strategic plan and key initiatives, and execute it with significant buy-in

Collaborative Planning - Powerful Methods for Whole System Change

  • Future Search / Future Visioning Conferences
    InnerWork uses a variety of powerful collaborative planning methods for bringing the right stakeholders together to focus on the Future, and create a common shared vision of that Future. InnerWork's Future Search / Future Visioning methods are highly participative, involve multiple stakeholders, and lead to significant levels of commitment and action plans to achieve the desired Future outcomes.
  • A "Work Out" session is a structured collaborative planning process that brings the right executive sponsor(s) and the right people / stakeholders together to resolve a complex problem or develop rapid, lasting improvements in process performance.
  • Open Space is a collaborative, highly participatory large group involvement process that your team can use to identify complex issues they feel passionate about, and use small and large group discussion and planning to resolve them successfully.
  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Events
    Appreciative Inquiry is an innovative collaborative planning process that builds a desired Future by discovering the existing positive strengths in people and organizations; and leveraging those strengths to systematically overcome barriers to the desired Future.
  • Customer / Supplier Summits
    InnerWork's Customer Summits or Supplier Summits are collaborative relationship building and planning meetings to focus on mutual opportunities and challenges between the sponsoring organization and its key customers; or its key suppliers.
  • Scenario Planning is a collaborative strategic planning process that brings people together to assess current trends and situations, then anticipates future scenarios and changes, and develops flexible plans for rapid adaptation to adapt to these changes.
  • InnerWork's Strategic Planning process is customized for each client but usually involves an initial strategic situation assessment; a strategic planning meeting to define strategy and key strategic initiatives; and the development of strategic plans and resource models for implementation.
  • Electronic Councils use cutting-edge, computer driven group collaboration meetings using advanced technology to rapidly explore key issues for change with full participation from every stakeholder in the room.
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