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Change Management Process

InnerWork's Change Management Process produces results by integrating Self, Team and Business Change in a structured process that is tailored and flexible to your needs and the dynamics of your organization. 

Our Change Management Process is used as a basis for putting together a Change Management Plan or Change Management Project that is specific to your needs.

Our five phase, structured Change Management Process has helped some of the world's largest and most successful companies deal with what has become a constant today---Change!

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InnerWork's Change Management Process

Phase 1 - Assess for Change

Organizational Assessment / Needs Assessment

We work with you to pinpoint your key business and human performance needs, including key customers and stakeholder needs. We help you identify the most significant opportunities for useful financial, customer, organizational, and employee change.

Phase 2 - Prepare for Change

Alignment of Vision, Strategy, Roles and Action

We build your senior team, and help them develop a vision, goals, strategies, and key change initiatives to engage employee action and commitment to necessary change. It also establishes the roles of senior leaders as "sponsors" of change, and other important roles for key individuals or key teams as "change agents."

  • This step also includes the preparation of a Change Management Communication Plan and the selection of several communication methods.


We help you establish a set of measures and metrics from customer or employee surveys, and help you baseline your current and desired business performance levels, customer satisfaction levels, and key employee behavioral metrics.

  • This important step helps you verify progress periodically (through additional assessments and post assessment) against the identified business and human change needs as you move towards desired performance levels.

Phase 3 - Plan for Change

Implementation Plan & Communication Plan

This critical step precedes implementation, and includes a formal Change Management Implementation Plan that is tied into formal Change Management Communication Plan.

  • These plans are reviewed with key stakeholder groups who will be involved or impacted by the changes, and plans are adjusted based on opportunities, readiness for change, or identified risks.

Phase 4 - Implement the Change

Provide Training & Facilitate for Results

The initiatives and actions are implemented using a variety of methods, programs, forums, meetings and communication strategies that have been identified.

  • InnerWork often provides training, facilitation and coaching to engage employees in identified opportunities for creating positive change. Often training and coaching is necessary in new skills and behaviors to motivate and align people and teams to lead and respond to change effectively.
  • These programs and facilitation are directly applied to real world applications on the necessary change initiatives that have been identified, leveraging a significant Return-on-Objectives (ROO) and Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Deal with "Gaps" & Resistance

During this phase, real-time feedback is obtained and possible progress measurements are taken. "Gaps" and "areas of resistance" (anticipated or unanticipated) are addressed promptly, and correction actions are taken.

Recognize Results

Positive results from "wins" (small and large) are celebrated, and individuals and teams are recognized in appropriate ways for leading change.

Phase 5 - Sustaining the Change

Integrate Results

We work with you to measure the financial, productivity, customer, and behavior change results of the change intervention, and work with you to integrate the new learning into the organization's various systems, policies, and work practices (varies by project).

  • We also conduct a Change Closeout and Evaluation process that includes "lessons learned" and appreciation and recognition for the key players who led the change effort!

Integral Change is Possible

Each InnerWork Change Management project is tailored to your needs, but the outcomes we all seek are the same: increased results, new levels of organizational capability and team effectiveness, and an improved organizational culture and sense of purpose that we can accomplish anything!

Learn how your company can navigate change more effectively and systematically. Email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 for a complimentary discussion with a senior change management consultant about your change management needs.