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Change From the Inside Out ™

For almost two decades, we have seen that effective and sustainable change in organizations is the result of intentionally accelerating change simultaneously in three dimensions: the Self, the Team and the Business. Here's why.

People are the Business

Because of today's fast-paced and changing business environment, leaders need to seek changes and improvements in their business approaches and models. Yet, people are the business.

To drive effective change and produce more optimal results in a dynamically changing environment, leaders need to fully involve and engage their people to get those results by guiding them through a well-designed engagement process that facilitates them actively changing how they do what they do in response to new business imperatives.

The Self is the Foundation for Organizational Change

Since people are the business, changing performance at the level of the Self is essential. Skillfully and respectfully guiding the transformation of the whole person's performance (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of performance) towards more optimal attitudes, emotions, behaviors, and social relationships unleashes tremendous personal energy and collective focus on the real challenges and the changes necessary.

Without creating some deeper level of positive self change, personal resistance, fear, and low levels of engagement will torpedo any team or group focused on creating organizational change, since individuals make up the team / group. "Weak links" at all levels will undermine and handicap the collective change effort.

High Performance Teamwork is the Key

If individuals commit and engage, and the teams / groups are guided through a process of consciously learning and adopting high performance patterns of communication, collaboration, and accountability, and take responsibility to practice those more optimal patterns through a structured, facilitated approach to work on identified change initiatives, then they have a greater probability of producing real results for the organization.

Business Change is Sustainable from the Inside Out

This virtuous cycle of learning, application, and transformation can shift human and organizational capabilities quickly and effectively, and take the business performance to a new level. When it is done in an integral way---self change, team change, business change done simultaneously---then people directly experience how they have transcended who they thought they were---and what they thought they could accomplish.

In this model of organizational change, the role of the leader is to lead and guide the process, but in doing so, create other leaders at all levels who know they too can drive and sustain necessary change---because they have done it.

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