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Business Meetings

InnerWork has helped hundreds of corporate leaders create Business Meetings that make a difference in their people's performance and their business performance. Too often, corporate leaders and their meeting planners give too much of their attention on the tactical and logistical needs of their Business Meeting, and do not focus enough attention on the Business Meeting's strategic needs.

  • To create an effective Business Meeting, it is important to focus on the Business Meeting's strategic and group dynamic's objectives, and plan highly interactive methods to handle the content of the meeting so that the "whole system in the room" comes together and focuses on the right issues and the right outcomes to those issues.

InnerWork's senior Business Meeting consultants can help you create a powerful effective Business Meeting that will achieve your strategic meeting goals through:

  • consultative meeting content design, consulting, and messaging
  • pre-program needs assessment and survey instruments
  • interactive team building programs, experiences and exercises
  • innovative large and small group involvement and meeting facilitation methods
  • decision making and action planning processes that harvest the group's energy and focus it on productive action post-meeting
  • facilitation of post-meeting action plans to ensure effective implementation of your meeting's "take aways"
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