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Board Meetings

Effective Board Meetings can make a significant difference in the success of an organization. InnerWork's Board Meeting Facilitation and consulting services have helped organizations to:

  • Design criteria and strategies for recruiting the right people for the right goals of your organization
  • Deploy proven methods to build senior level Board teams who trust and support one another and the objectives of the organization
  • Use Interactive dialogue processes for defining the roles and responsibilities of Board members
  • Create effective Board meetings using a broad range of collaborative planning and strategic planning methods to develop a common vision, strategies and action plans to achieve your objectives
  • Engage in structuring and action planning frameworks for guiding committees and task forces

InnerWork's Board Meeting Facilitation services provide a proven phased approach to creating an effective Board Meeting.

  • Board Meeting Preparation: using methods like data collection, interviews, assessments, and focus groups, senior InnerWork Board Meeting facilitators will clarify the objectives, results and group dynamics needs of your Board Meeting (or series of meetings)
  • Board Meeting Design: drawing on a broad range of methods, experiential exercises and structured dialogue formats, a senior Board Meeting facilitator will co-create a Board meeting design that will achieve your objectives
  • Board Meeting Facilitation: our senior Board Meeting facilitator will guide your Board team members through a balanced approach to dialogue, issue clarification, reaching agreement on key decisions, and focused action planning / delegation to task forces or committees
  • Board Meeting Follow Up: Strategic decisions are translated into key initiatives and Action Plans with deliverables, milestones, and clear responsibilities. Our senior Board Meeting facilitators often follow-up post meeting with Board members and action teams to help them make progress towards their goals.
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